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ChristianGays.com - Yes it is possible!   - ChristianGays.com is a site which affirms homosexuality as a valid alternative lifestyle supported by enlightened interpretation of the Bible. We accept all currencies and ship anywhere in the world.

Dignity Canada Dignité   - Canada's national organization of gay and lesbian Roman Catholics and their friends. For Dignity, there is no conflict between being gay or lesbian and being Roman Catholic.

A Letter to Louise: Biblical Affirmation   - Rev. Bruce Lowe assures Louise that her homosexual brother is not going to hell. Extensive references and bibliography plus appendices on biblical interpretation and OT and NT biblical commentary.

Whosoever Magazine   - Whosoever Magazine is and excellent resource for sound theological information.

Lesbian Messianics   - GLBTS Cyber Messianic Synagogue

Auckland Community Church, New Zealand   - glbt Christian group in Auckland, New Zealand

Poetry Upfront   - Poetry for the open minded gay Christian

Rainbow Christian Center   - Christian Resources for all people. Affirming resources for Gay Christians, Original New Testament Commentary, Bible Study Tools, Gay Biographies, News Briefs, Library and more

Quest (LGB Catholics)   - Quest - a network of local support groups (in the United Kingdom) for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Catholics. Registered Charity No. 294388

Gay Christians Network   - GCN is a large and active forum for gay Christians of all denominations.

TruthSetsFree.net   - Can you be both Gay and Christian? ABSOLUTELY! Visit today to download Justin Cannon’s study "The Bible, Christianity, and Homosexuality"

Gay Pentecostals in Australia   - Fellowship for Affirming Pentecostals in Australia and those seeking. We are Spirit filled, Bible believing, miracle proclaiming, Christ teaching and

Freedom2b[e]   - Freedom 2 B[e] - for GLBTQI People from Pentecostal and Charismatic Backgrounds


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