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Bet Mishpachah - Washington, D.C   -

Congregation Sha'ar Zahav   -

Beth Rachamim Synagogue - Florida   -

GayJews.Org   - Questions and answers, bookstore, greeting cards, and community resources.

Jewish Queer Youth Homepage   - Information and worldwide resources for traditional Jewish youth.

Valley Beth Shalom Response   -

Keshet   -

Beth Chayim Chadashim   - Reform synagogue's calendar of events, drashot, guide to children's services, and membership information. Located in Los Angeles, California.

OrthoGays   - A home on the Internet for Orthodox Gay Jewish Men

Congregation Kol Simcha   -

OrthoDykes   - A home on the Internet for Orthodox Jewish lesbians.

Evie Litwok: Second Generation   - Evie Litwok is the child of Holocaust survivors. This is the page for writings on this topic.


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